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The Ripple Effect – EEE intra-college symposium

What purpose does a symposium serve? A dictionary would state it as a conference for sharing ideas. But, in my opinion, it’s all about getting to know each other and identifying talent. Ripples, the intra-college symposium of the EEE department, CEG, was conducted on the 1st of February, 2017, and stood tall on this idea.

The Head of the Department, Dr. Uma, inaugurated the event by asking to students to look at the opportunities available and aim for more. She advised the students to do internships and projects to get some real world experience. The Chairman, Dr. Uma Maheswari, also congratulated the student volunteers for conducting the Hobbeee club activities successfully throughout the year. She also proudly mentioned the work of the University in developing another satellite project.

The chief guest of the event was Mr N. Ponnusamy, Sct. ‘F’, VED, Combat Vehicles Research & Development Establishment.  He began his address by recalling his days at CEG. He was proud to be back at his second home to address the young minds. He carried on to present the work prevailing at CVRDE. He said that India has mastered the use of hydraulic suspensions in tanks. They have a defense mechanism which detects the enemies’ pulse and locate their target. They also make tanks such that the driver receives no discomfort during travel and fired bullets travels in a parabolic path and hit the target. The work of the electrical engineer in the design of the tank is to make an electrical control system in the operation and to aid it with the required power. He concluded by asking the students to make good use of such a glorious institution.

The students went on to participate in the on-day fun events like the Kollywood quiz, Logo quiz, Connections, and Gamindrome. The technical event, paper presentation, had a record-breaking participation count. Prizes were distributed in the afternoon. The organisers said that the events were mainly conducted for the involvement of the first years. The orange tags enjoyed it throughout the day. A day off from your daily routine is not so bad, isn’t it? People went back to their chores filled with content.

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