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Ripples Inauguration: A report

The SEEE Inauguration event commenced with a warm welcome by Gayathri Ganeshan, the General Secretary of SEEE. Alifia Sabreen, the President of SEEE, delivered a compelling presidential address. Dr. E. Vanaja Ranjan, an Associate from SEEE, offered a special address that captivated the audience.


Chief Guest Kannan Laxminarayanan shared valuable insights, urging attendees to notice everything without prejudice. The highlight of the event was an inspiring story about a mathematician who unravelled the secrets of education. He emphasized the importance of motivating students, stating that young individuals possess everything they need except ignorance. Even a power cut in the middle of his speech couldn’t deter his passion, much like Thomas Edison. He encouraged them to follow their path and focus on what they believe is important.


Hariharan, the head of Impulse Magazine, delivered the Impulse address and released the Ripples’23 magazine. Mohana Adhi, the Joint Secretary of SEEE, expressed gratitude in the vote of thanks.


The event concluded with the National Anthem, leaving attendees inspired and motivated by the insightful speeches and stories shared during the SEEE Inauguration.


During the paper presentation topics like the Automatic drawing machine, Mars observation rover, Digital outfit trial room, Real truth behind the transfer of electrical energy, and An efficient e-car were covered.

Event 1, "Electroknot," featured two rounds. In the first, students solved circuits swiftly, selecting six teams based on their time and accuracy. The second round included puzzle solving with electrical component images and decoding resistor and inductor colour codes. They also identified capacitor ratings from codes, making the event a success.


Event 3, "Ailasa Ailasa," immersed students in a musical challenge. With their ears as guides, participants raced against time to uncover a mysterious melody, testing their musical instincts for a harmonious experience. Students actively engaged in both events, showcasing their skills and enthusiasm.


Participants Statement:


Dhuruva Prasanth(Grey tag- EEE) –“ We are very excited about this event since it’s our first symposium experience in CEG. Despite many inconveniences, our seniors are trying to indulge in the events. It's great.”


Ashwin(purple tag-EEE) – “Students, irrespective of their tag, are genuinely excited for Ripples’23. Grey tags are more like a brother and sister to us.”


Amirtha, Design Coordinator ( Impulse Magazine)- “ We are expecting the same level of energy every year and… people of CEG, try to get into the exciting events so you don’t miss out on the fun”


Hariharan, Head of Impulse Magazine – “  We received a lot more response than the last year. We had difficulty choosing writings from the people because every article was unique in its way. With a heavy heart, we sorted some of the articles. And the Symposium’s coordination and involvement is better than last year .”

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