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Quizzers Anonymous – A new venture


           With a hall not so full, we wonder if this club has created enough buzz, at the sametime stressing on the necessity of this club to kindle the quizzer in you. With Dr. Sumanth C. Raman as guest of honour, it was a pleasure to mention his various field of work as TV anchor and sports commentator with his show 'BSNL Sports Quiz' making it to Limca Book of World Records. Following, the President and the Secratary explaining the need for this club, it is clear why they are the right people to kickstart this club.

            To their kitty, it follows from last year. Winner of Pragyan regional Sci tech quiz; winner at Kriya quizzes, PSG tech; winner at four quizzes Yugam, Kumarguru college of engineering; runner up at Tata Mutual fund finance quiz; National fourth in Krs Centenary quiz. Whoa, catch some breath.

Then we had formal inaugration with assignment of all club bearers.

            Guest of honour, Dr. Sumanth C. Raman to make his speech and our excitement shot up. He begins with recalling his first few days of college for about two and a half months being here at Mechanical department of CEG, before he got into medical. This followed by his zeal to offer suggestions in taking this club ahead.

Firstly, he's elated to know such organised committee being formed for the club. Secondly, the action items:


  • Have regular meetings, at least once a month.
  • Social media presence for most CEGians themselves to be aware of this club.
  • Sponsorship, for college may not be able to support the club indefinitely.
  • Having one flagship event every year to build the brand.


And finally, making sure that quiz is accessible to everyone. If one attends a quiz, he should be able to attend at least 4-5 questions, quiz is not about the talent of the organisers, it is about encouraging more participants to express their quizzing skills. Get as many participants as possible.

“Participate, learn, have fun, and I'm sure it is going to reach great heights.”

The inaugration was followed by a quiz competition as a tribute to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Here's what a participant, Giridharan, third year had to say.

“It was a fitting tribute to Dr. Kalam. It had connections to all fields of interest of Kalam. Students were very much interested in participating, especially the first years. The questions were simple yet tested the intellect of all the competitors. A first year team consisting of Gokul and Makesh bagged the first prize. While the questions were being reviewed, oral answers with the quickest response were given candies as mini perks to encourage the bouncing and pouncing abilities of amateur quizzers.”

The organisers felt elated by the response for the quiz. “With short span of time to set up the quiz on a restricted topic, was nerve-racking. Until the moment, when seeing the audience fervently shouting the answers with enthusiasm, swept away every skeptics. In addition, almost everyone got questions related to Kalam correct, which shows the youngsters endearment towards Dr. A.P.J. Kalam.”

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