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July, August, and September- these are the months when a college student’s life starts getting more hectic than usual. The reason? Placements and Internships.

Let’s begin analysing why this is so. First, it’s every student’s ambition to get placed in a core company which is not possible due to the limited number of openings. Second, due to late realization, students do not know what to do or how to prepare for these challenges till the last minute. Lastly, during placements, students tend to get demoralized as they see their friends being placed while they are yet to receive an offer.

The above are some of the reasons which could affect the performance of students in this important phase of life.

There is only one solution to these problems. That is HARDWORK. There is no way around this. If you work for it, you reap the benefits and get placed. It’s as simple as that.

The next question is how to go about working towards it.

Some general tips are:

  • Start Early - Begin preparing for internships and placements during your second and third-year odd semester holidays itself.
  • Plan - Keep a detailed plan to do around ten questions per day and try to achieve this goal daily.
  • Contact seniors - Reach out to seniors who were placed and ask them how they went about their preparations.
  • Work on your quants and verbal - Most companies have aptitude and quants as their first round. These are mostly MCQ’s and can only be cleared through practice. Working on these have the added advantage of prepping for your GRE, TOEFL, etc.

Third years can also focus on research internships if they wish to pursue M.S. after their fourth year. More details on research and corporate internships can be found here :

  1.  http://www.guindytimes.com/articles/campus-interns-recruitment-an-analysis
  2.  http://www.guindytimes.com/articles/internships-to-placements

For those who don’t get placed or don’t find an internship, fear not, as there are plenty of off-campus and M.S. opportunities out there. You don’t have to cringe every time you hear these two words anymore.

A series of articles will ensue which will elaborate on the above mentioned points and provide insights from people placed in dream companies. We hope that this will help you get on with your preparations so when the time comes you can shine the brightest. Best of luck folks!

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