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How to actually EXIT college?

Right from the moment you start the final semester of college, you begin to hear people mulling over the past few years and reminiscing those golden times that are about to come to an end, like all other good things.

But sometimes everyone is so caught up in the whole sentiment of college life coming to a close, that it feels like we don’t exactly know how to leave college after all. And yes, I mean both literally and metaphorically. Every final year who just finished their last few exams of under graduation, the big final review of their project and even obtained their results are still pondering over what should be done before they move onto the next phase in life. I know some of you may think “Oh well, just pack up and leave!” and so we did, but that doesn’t seem like closure (And it isn’t). Unlike school where the final documents of everything you need is handed over to you (or your parent rather), in college, we are expected to do some “adulting” ourselves and unfortunately, there is a certain sense of obscurity on how to get it right.

Don’t fret as here is a comprehensive guide on the list of processes that we’ve formulated after some running around the campus on a hot sunny morning.


  1. No Dues

The ‘no dues’ procedure is often dubbed as one of the most time consuming and exhausting activities by any college senior, but this year it has a new twist, as the majority of the process has been moved online. This has definitely stirred some confusion in the minds of many people who cannot seek advice on how to do it from their seniors, but we’ve got you covered.


  • Register online on the Anna University Knowledge Data Centre’s website (https://www.aukdc.edu.in) and specify your Bank Details in the link for the return of your caution deposit. This portal will be the source where all your no dues from your department, other labs, and so on will be updated.
  • Take your ID card and go to the library front desk to check if you have any dues that may need payment.
  • Check with your department if you need to submit any documents or papers to make sure you do not have any due pending against you.
  • All the due information will be updated on the portal in the AUKDC website (In a few weeks’ time).
  • Login to the portal to check the status and once it shows that all your dues have been cleared, you will need to take a printout of the page and go to the Dean’s office. They will assist you with any other documents relating this only after the status is updated.
  • Submit the page at the student’s section of the dean’s office and request them to issue the Transfer Certificate.
  • Lastly, submit the same page and return your ID card at KDC in CPDE.


  1. Course Completion

The Course Completion Certificate is issued by each department and can be sought through the Office of the Head of the Department. This certifies that you have finished all course requirements at the University, and is of grave importance in the future. Make sure you collect it irrespective of whether your employer/institute of higher education asks you to submit it.


  1. Mark sheets and Provisional Degree

The semester-wise grade sheets are issued by the Additional Controller of Examinations and can be obtained from the office at your respective departments. The 7th-semester grade sheets have been distributed last week and the last and final grade sheet for the 8th semester has been readied by most departments. You can check if your 8th-semester grade sheet is ready by asking in the office of your department.

The provisional degree certificate must be issued by the Controller of Examinations (COE) and can be requested after the final semester grade sheet has been issued. The provisional certificates are also ready for everyone who has cleared all subjects and can be collected from this week (in a few days) from the department office.


All the above information is applicable for students of the main campus, but please check with your respective departments for any additional or specific procedures that may need to be completed.

The information was obtained by talking to administrative staff at the different centres but is not to be taken as the official statement of the university.

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