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Message for the New Year: Special year, this year.

I remember I once read a blog post long ago titled, ‘The days are long, but the decades short’. How true. Things are suddenly so different.

After all the loud partying comes to an end, the air always seems heavy with thought. Talking about what is now ‘last year’, we all sound like Olivander from Harry Potter in my head, starting off with, “Seems like just yesterday…”

Most people, except the extremely chilled out types are deep into every ‘spection’ there is. Inspection of every decision made. Retrospection - tearing every moment apart. Introspecting and dissecting. Allow yourself to do this, only up to a healthy limit.

Amidst the chaos of ushering in the New Year, take time to appreciate everything you’ve gained. New insights, new people and maybe even a new attitude. As for things you’ve let go, think of it as making space for more new, positive things that are yet to come.

May 2016 be kind to us all and may we be kind to one another.

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