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Marks of Memories

The sun shining bright

In the spring’s embrace

Cast a grey blanket

Over herself, sobbing.


Her tears washed away

half the blooms

And mine joined hers,

Seeking to wash away my ring’s mark


My wrist, once adorned by your tie,

Now bears a red

ring of clotted blood!


You were the one

To tie up a string of

Peruvian lilies on my hand,

To last for a lifetime.


The lilies have dried, but

not our friendship! Or so I thought.

I'm not good at predicting

people, but you... I thought


How come the string

Broke, and the flowers withered,

Yet you and I were

Still tied up till yesterday?


Today my hand holds

Some flowers,

This time it's lilies

And chrysanthemums.


How come you didn't

Tell me that you were

Embarking on a journey

Never to return?


Rains bid us welcome

To a journey of enduring friendship

And by the same,


I bid adieu to you, my friend

Till we, The sun and I

Finish sobbing, we shall

Keep you company…

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