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Internet’s Colour Pencils

Colour pencils were a bliss to everyone as toddlers. I found my eternal joy in filling my sketches with the colours of my choice, scribbling and doodling over existing pictures in magazines and newspapers to give a hilariously revamped look to the models staring back at you. Our creativity knew no limits!

Wait, doesn’t this ring any bells? Aren’t memes sort of doing the same thing in our virtual lives? Adding more colour and more liveliness to blogs, posts and what not!

Every single day, our Facebook walls are flooded with thousands of memes with genres ranging from humour and tainted sarcasm to things that let us sink into deep reminiscence. Or even make us do some soul searching.

What’s more? It hardly takes five minutes to make one, after rummaging our files to get that apt picture to voice out our minds! The light-hearted pun it intends and the craziness it adds to it, makes it a craving bundle of joy which we wish to see just to brighten up our day with a good laugh.

With memes being shared at lightning speed, it becomes easier to troll people in a far less offensive way. But, just in case you are creating one, make sure you keep your identity anonymous to save yourself from brickbats or stones later!

Sometimes, memes voice out the opinion of the masses in critical issues with a tinge of irony to it, making people ponder more and mould their opinions and perceptions in a better way.  Or they may ridicule a serious issue and adorn it with so much satire that folks start mulling over the reason it attracted so much attention in the first place!

Or it might just make you feel nostalgic about your old school or childhood memories and make you swim through those colourful images in your head.

Be it a movie release or a news to shake you out, memes are on their way to decorate your screens, illustratively depicting feelings which resonate your thoughts, letting you relate to it even more, making it all the more fun! In my opinion, memes are a bliss. What do you think?

Here are my favourite ones:


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