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Holidays - A Sweet Retreat

The sole reason why we all stay sane during our hectic academic year is because of the short sweet treats which are synonymous to heaven. Yes, I’m talking about the holidays, be it just a three or four-day-weekend when festivals are around the corner!

Even a week before they arrive, there's plenty of excitement in the air.

Hostel folks begin day- dreaming about all the scrumptious dishes they will soon be demanding from their mothers and enjoying the 'royal treatment' they will be receiving at home.

They could forget curfews, dinner timings and the morning classes for a few days where they get breakfast served in bed, whenever they ask for it. They’re allowed to go out with friends, and return anytime as long as they come back safe!

For those who don't visit home and decide to stay at their second home (the hostel), having fun is to run around every floor with pen-drives, sharing the latest movies to watch on the holidays! Ideally, a huge gang of friends gather in a single room, where the lights are put out for the 'theatre effect'. The movie sessions continue until midnight, where chit chats, jokes and laughter fill the same room, which just a few days before looked as dull as ever.

Girls loiter around just to catch up with juicy gossip of their fellow college-mates. News spreads faster than our RCC-WiFi! Though we don’t make much use of the ample time we get, our plans would be meticulous and perfect and we’d be very determined to accomplish our targets.Food-joints like Royal Sandwiches and Gokulam would celebrate huge profits, thanks to the overwhelming crowd of hostellers with their tummies full.

Despite the hustle-bustle of our college life, everyone has a reason to smile at the end of the day with fresh, crazy memories in their heads. Just like how we gobble up delicious jamuns in a jiffy, our holidays come to an end at last!


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