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Where you see scars, I see art


To cry?
Sob around a corner or wail aloud to the moon?
Muffle up the spurting scream or shut down to loneliness?
Scar myself again or seek solitude for answers?
Drift away in deep dark thoughts and write a haunting poem?
What else? What now? What this time?
But, I know, that isn't what the world wants to hear,
Or spares a second to care about.
I know that this doesn't change anything,
Or put things back to normal.

But still, here I am, again,
Trying to justify the unknown truth,
Trying to understand what had happened,
Trying to swim out of this baneful abyss of deceptive reality!
Trying to get along with all of it.
Drenched in emotionless thoughts, 
Dragging myself from the past...
Trying to catch up those floating fragments,
From sinking away in the dreadful sea.

For I know, there's beauty,
somewhere, hidden, in all of them...
Trying to explain myself to me,
And that, this isn't all for nothing.


And the beautiful part of breaking you again,
is when you get patched up with poetry.
And I will do so, a thousand times,
To see you, being reborn, Every time.

For WORDS are all that I've got,
And within them, I AM EVERYTHING I AM NOT.

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