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What She Means

I remember the day I lost an internship for being stumped by the question, “Where did your mother do her schooling and undergraduation from ?” That was when I realised most of us stride ahead in life, while missing out on the corresponding details of our parents' lives, from their favourite colour and food to where and what they studied when they were our age.

But I am sure that every mother can answer these questions (and more !) about us, with effortless facility.  Let me share some more thoughts about them, for you to cherish.

1] She is the one person who never loses hope on you, boosting you up during the “Why-me?” situations in life.

2] She may not be tech-savvy.  She might neither be fond of e-mails, powerpoints and smartphones nor be inclined to go online on social networks. But the gargantuan space in her heart is for you and your family.

(So next time, when your Amma asks you, “What is this Watchapp (read:Whatsapp) ?”, stop laughing and start explaining.)

3] “Had your dinner?” You must have seen this question coming every single time she calls you. You'd hardly remember her more worried than after hearing a “No” from you.

4] Be it a tussle with your dad, those pillow fights with your siblings or any other adversity, she is the best person on this planet who can placate you.

5] Because she can spare the last piece of cake, and the last morsel of a meal, for you. I guess that is how sharing came into existence.

6] Simple things like “Amma, saapadu super !” can light up her face. (Trust me, you might even get served your favourite dish the next day)

     7] She makes sure even your toughest laundry gets done on time without a single complaint. I realised this when I went helpless in the hostel. (Thanks to Student Amenities Centre for coming to the rescue ! )

8] The delight she gets from feeding her kids - both at ages 4 and 40. Her "Only one more spoon!" phrase will make you empty the whole plate.

9] She is the best in helping you get pocket money from your father. She is also that skillful saviour who saves you from your dad's fury. Its a bird, Its a plane - no, its your MOM !

10] She is the epitome of incomparability.

      (It is funny when someone compares their girlfriend with their mother. It is like a "Kala-tikka" being compared with a mole.)

11] She would never hurt you intentionally.

          While a father's strict, sometimes-harsh reprimands are done with the intention of setting you on the right track, a mother rebukes with love and affection.

Changing your profile picture and posting a verbose status isn’t what Mother’s Day is all about. It is about shedding your shyness, and cherishing this moment with the most beautiful relationship in your life. So what are you waiting for? It is never too late to go hug your mom and shout “I LOVE YOU, MA!”, out loud. Happy Mother’s Day !


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