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Vedhalam Music Review

Every individual who was in his adolescence juncture in 2012 would associate his/her feelings of infatuation with a music album or the score in the film. By making every song stand out in ‘3’, Anirudh gathered limelight. We could call it a path-breaking debut. The bgm-score in the film was very intense and then he moved on to make Kanave Kanave, another soul-stirring, less-known master-piece. Ethir Neechal was a fun-frolic work, Oh Penne Oh Penne and Chancey Illa were other memorable pieces of him. He replicated huge success in Kaththi/VIP last year. Future of Tamil music; A few of his fans claim it. On the other hand, a small group accuses him of churning out old tunes.  Every artist faces such criticism of mixing/recreating the old products of them. This critique is necessary that the artist can improve himself and try something new. Sometimes lame praises degrades the quality of work. Anirudh is still striving to provide the quality of his first album. With his new Vedhalam album came out recently, has he succeeded in satisfying Thala-bloods? And the general Tamil masses as a whole? Let’s take a view on it.

On occasions, every work around a movie depends strongly on the script. If the script is experimental, so does the cinematography, technical work and the music.  As the movie is a Siruthai Siva venture, what could we expect is a commercial entertainer. If the movie is commercial, then the music should be too. Anirudh thus departs from art-works and tries to deliver mainstream.

Every Anirudh album has an instant hit; mostly a kuthu-song and Nowadays kuthu songs are trending. Sticking to niche, he brought an instant hit Aaluma Doluma. Will Anirudh’s voice match Thala’s tone? We gotta wait for the full video. The promo looks neatly filmed.

Anticipating Shruti-Anirudh combo, if you expect a Kan Azhaga, you will be surprised. ‘Cause what we have is a heroine intro-type song, “Don’t You Mess With Me”, some sort of 2015’s X Machi Y Machi/Stylish Tamizhachi. This song may not be a chart-buster now. Its success in music channels depends on how good it is picturized.

A good theme is necessary to glide cinematic moments. Theri Theme sets the ball rightly for the purpose. Theatres will roar whenever it is played.

Veera Vinayaka gets better after repeated hearings. We can expect this to be a intro for Thala, as Adada Aarambame. Siva has to select wisely between Veera Vinayaka, Aaluma Doluma.

Anirudh chooses desi-classical for the Hero-Kalangal moment, Uyir Nadhi Kalangiyathe should be a hero-motivational song when Ajith struggles in the film. Neatly sung by Ravi Shankar, this song can be a music lover’s pick in this album.

Yeah, this is an out and out commercial flick. The album has already tasted success by being in the repeat mode of fans. But from an artistic point of view, this will be just an instant gratification. To make a long memorable album, Anirudh has to fulfill his potential(motha vithaiyum) as he did in ‘3’. For now, let’s wait for the movie to see how the music is picturized.


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