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Manjummel Boys

“A friend is one soul abiding in two bodies.”


Manjummel boys is a wholesome, seat-edging, nail-biting piece of entertainment; an absolute roller coaster ride all through the movie. It is really worth to be experienced in the theatre together with one’s friends, witnessing the greatness of the friendship amongst a group of boys bound at the soul.

“A friend in need is a friend indeed."

The movie is inspired by similar true incidents that happened to a group of friends in 2006.

The movie starts as a mystery and the real mesmerizing portion hits as a flashback. A group of friends who wish to call themselves the “Manjummel Boys." decides to go for a trip to Kodaikanal Hill Station from Kerala. The trip turns out to be a fun-filled day for them. Their guileless friendship, banters during travel, picturesque hills, and everything else in this film is nostalgic for the audience.

As the boys are about to end their trip, they decide to visit a famous tourist spot called the Guna Cave, named after the Tamil movie "Guna". They decide to jump over the fence to explore the restricted area of the cave. As they gather for a group photo, Subhash, one among the group, falls into a cavernous pit near the cave. Unable to reach out to their friend, the boys head to seek help from the local police.

Later, they get to realize that the place was touted to be “The Devil’s Kitchen” and similar incidents have taken place, but none have been rescued from the devil’s kitchen. In utter denial, Subhash’s friends plead with everyone to rescue their friend. As clueless as they ought to be, they didn’t give up on their attempts to rescue Subhash. Hearing him cry, their dwindling hopes are revived. They decide to get down the steep hole to rescue him, along with the help of the cops.

None of the trained rescue professionals from the cops are ready to go down, knowing the deadliness of the place. As an ode to their friendship, one boy from the group decides to rescue his friend by getting down.

 The rescue operation was an absolute treat to watch; a truly nail-biting encounter.

 It’s an out and out bang for the buck for the Tamil audience as it takes place in Tamil Nadu, and it’s a perfect tribute to the versatile Tamil actor, “Kamal Haasan”.

The movie was an unadulterated thriller to watch. It had the connect with the viewer and kept itself engaging with its plot twists and mysteries. The cinematography, music, and acting were all commendable. The visuals of Subhash falling made the viewer terrify. Words of praise do no justification to this movie. Big cheers to the whole movie team.


They’ve proved, “There’s no better relationship than friendship.”.

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