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A Flicker in the Dark - Book Review

Written by Stacy Willingham, A Flicker in the Dark is a psychological thriller that messes with your mind. You can't stop thinking about it and you’ll spend several hours rethinking the plot over and over again. 

The ending of the book is given in hints right in front of our eyes, scattered across the text, either as a form of a dialogue of one of the characters or as a form of the narrator's point of view. 

The plot of this story provides such an enthralling experience. Honestly, this book had me on the edge of my seat. 

The story starts with the main protagonist, a female named Chloe who has faced a severe childhood trauma. Working as a psychologist, she gives therapy for clients while also working on herself. The story goes on as we are introduced to the protagonist's fiance and her brother. The author has done a good job in explaining the trauma faced by the character, slow and steady throughout the book.

20 years ago, Chloe's father was convicted for murder of 6 local girls. Though the bodies were never found, the murders had been discovered when Chloe as a child had found trophies of the victims in her dad's closet. A trophy is something that serial killers often collect as a count of how many victims they have killed. 

At present, as a 32 year old who has her wedding coming along with the 20th anniversary of the murders, local girls known to Chloe start going missing in the exact same pattern committed by her father 20 years ago, and one by one their bodies are found. The cops can't stop the murders and more and more bodies turn up. With her father in prison, and the pattern exactly the same, Chloe starts her own private investigation where she soon finds herself in a maze. She, along with the help of a NY Times reporter and her bedridden mother, uncovers dark secrets about her father. With the cops trailing behind her back with her being the primary suspect, Chloe revisits her childhood and also discovers some bloody secrets of her own fiance. She can't trust anyone nor can she trust herself anymore. 

Who will stop the murders? Chloe or the cops? Was her father the real murderer? What really happened 20 years ago? Is her fiance the one who should be behind the bars? Or is everything a hallucination faced by Chloe as a result of her trauma? 

Read the book for an unbelievable plot twist, one that's going to baffle your brains!


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