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Unravelling The Code at Abacus'15

Abacus 2015, the international technical symposium of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, was held for three days, from 20th to 22nd February, 2015. The symposium was inaugurated by Mr. Selvam Velmurugan, CTO of APAC, Groupon.

Spanning across three days, Abacus ’15 consisted of a total of 22 events conducted by third-year and final years. Students from many colleges flocked to CEG to participate, and the professionalism exhibited by the organisers was evident in the way the crowd was managed efficiently.

The Abracadabra event, for instance, had to be conducted in multiple classrooms in the SnH block, to accommodate the swell of aspiring problem-solvers.

Motivated by the high-profile prizes at stake (such as Amazon summer internships), the participants of the CodeRace group of events brought their best to the table. While DB Mania caused database enthusiasts to go gaga over being subjected to exercises that tested their mettle, Spent Quiz consisted of downright wacky questions referencing people who became popular after being spoofed at.

Gamindrome was, as one participant put it, “A lets-stay-here-the-whole-day-spot for the gaming geek!”, with games of several genres, catering to gamers with all preferences. Although entry was easy, this event proved to be a real test of skill and resilience of participants, as gamers needed to consistently outwit their rivals as fast as they could.

Filled to capacity with students looking to go the extra mile in learning about recent developments in computers, the workshops arena remained a visibly hectic site throughout the three days, with the Modern Web Workshop registering maximum attendance.

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