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Types of Roommates

Deeya's Deductions # 2

As hostellers will agree, the kind of roommate (s) that a person gets is solely dependent on luck (good or bad) but one certain good thing that comes out of having them is their companionship. Living in such close quarters with them, we get to learn so much about them, and it's not necessary that we like everything we see.

So without further ado, let's hop over to the various kinds of roommates we fortunately (or unfortunately) come across:

          TYPE  A

  • The Sleeper - I mean, literally 'sleep'er . These are the kind that when you eventually get them to go out with you, you find them dozing off again on the bus ride and are left with a log to hang out with. Have fun!











          TYPE B

  • The Animal Lover - It's not enough that this kind owns rattlesnakes and dormice and black widows at home, but they want to sneak their pets to the hostel room you share. Let's hope you don't wake up with an iguana licking your nose or a babooneating lice off your head.  












          TYPE  C

  • The Loud One - You can hear this one all the way from Saigon. They took "Make Yourself Heard" a little too seriously.











  • The Smelly Cat - The fragrances that waft from them are so unique each time, that you soon start playing the game of "What was last night's dinner" with yourself.







          TYPE E

  • The Overly Attached One - Like a souvenir magnet to the fridge. Never gets off.









  • The Borrower - They are forever borrowing your things (consider those things gone because you're not getting those back -EVER), from books to nail clippers to Maggi packets. *Sigh*
    (Yes, I mentioned Maggi packets , because that was everybody's life before its great fall)










  • The Monica* - They abide by "Cleanliness is next to Godliness." They are usually found straightening up the room after you, making not-so-soft noises of disapproval while doing so, that come with matching disapproving shakes of the head.

​     *A popular character from the Friends (A T.V. Series)









  • The Now You See Me - Like all good magicians they disappear without you ever noticing, but leave you wondering what just happened.












  • The Garfield - A mix of the above - lazy, messy, sleepy and always hungry, but the best companion you can get. Warning: Do not ask them to take a shower, the Garfields don't really like water so much.









Whatever the kind of room mate, we find a sibling like relationship far from home, and that, is forever welcome .


The author is an aspiring rebel and is thoroughly confused about her ancestry.


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