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Train. Travel. Retreat.

A simple voyage by train -

From Chennai to Kanyakumari

On Guruvayur Express -

Not just a whole day travel,

But a big bang retreat

In the canopy of compartments,

Lodging with loads of luggage,

Accompanying family and friends,

There the day broke out,

With fun, joy and laughter!

Then the tummy fulfills

With the breakfast from mummy,

Chit chat with co-passengers,

and the timid T.C checking tickets.

I peep through the windows,

Looking at the kids,

Who ran through every nook and corner.

Playful moments -

A deck of cards

Arousal with annoying noises!

Antakshari and so on -

Soulful singing of beggars for alms,

Queuing up vendors,

Selling fruits and food

A rail line is indeed an eternal lifeline.

Lunch from pantry parcels,

Along with a nice nap;

Every foodie on the crew

Crusades for his best meal,

Sharing his experiences

With murmurs of murukku

Barfi Bites, crunchy Cadalamittai

Puffy Paalkova and Halwa

Our mind ever longs

For that "Sapattu Raman"

Snacks Samosa Sandals

Konjam Kaffee

Konjam kaalai

Konjam Kadalai

Complements the evening.

Finally the time to leave

The destination arrives.

This winter vacation begins -

Life is a journey, not a destiny

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