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To be me, or not to be me


Is it deceiving if I'm actually feeling?

Is it lying if it's real in my head?

Am I not me with a mask on my face?

Is it not sorrow if my tears are the ones I choose to shed?


Solace can be found in different places,

For me, it's different people

I veil my emotions and start to feel like someone else

I call it my escape; my leap of faith from my mess,

Knowing that when the curtains fall

My worries may not be any less.


But in those moments I believe,

That I can dance and sing and even fly.

So when I have to deal with life again,

It doesn't seem so melancholy and dry.

Acting to me is dreaming,

But wide awake.

Acting to me is real,

Conscious and true.


'All the world's a stage' - said Shakespeare

A line I think most apt,

For truer words haven't been spoken

Especially in the world where both on stage and in person, we all put on an act.

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