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To anyone who says blackholes don't exist: Think Again!


You need not read the work of Stephen Hawking to realise that blackholes indeed exist. I have the strongest, one-word proof: YouTube, popularly known as ‘that site that destroys all your ideas of being productive’.

Every time I go onto YouTube, a thousand memes and gifs of how I’m wasting my time pops into my head (thanks internet!) ,but that’s obviously not going to stop me! (If only I had this determination in academics.) One of the best things about YouTube are the epic comments! How these people come up with such one-liners is BEYOND me!

I remember the first time I got hooked on to YouTube, I’d just watched a video of a husky saying “I Love You”. While I was busy melting into a pile of goo, time was ticking. Yet, I proceeded to watch more videos thanks to the related videos sidebar!


These days, fangirling over things like cute cat videos and ‘Charlie bit my finger’ have been replaced by YouTubers. The first YouTuber I subscribed to was NigaHiga. (I still find his ‘How To Be A’ series hilarious!) Now, my subscription list is infinitely longer with the likes of Superwoman, Miranda Sings and Charlie is so cool like.

The next thing I obsessively watch on YouTube are the American talk shows. I follow every single late night show from Team Coco (a personal favourite) to the Colbert Report. I could probably list every American late night talk show host: Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O’ Brien , Stephen Colbert, David Letterman and Chelsea Handler.

I’d like to end this rant by saying: Do not even THINK about getting me started on the other blackhole a.k.aTumblr!


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