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TN Rains: A Poem

When my desires to play in the puddle
Have been transformed to not letting myself drown,
When dreams of our long paper boat cruises
Have now become a chosen alternative,
When, the once soothing music of downpour,
Now seem like a call of misery and whines,
When our prayers unify for not wanting day off's,
When social media updates no more say 
"Showers! Yayyyy", 
When each hour brings no better news,
When the shivers of the cold
Weaken our spine,
When darkness is our bitter truth
And candle light is our soul companion,
When all these moments create tremor deep within, 
That's when we 'believe',
That's when we
'Pray, hope and wait.'
As regretting our mistakes is now too late.

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