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'tis the Farewell Season

It’s that time of the year when juniors are bustling around to fit in a farewell party for the final years amidst their busy schedule. The list of farewells to attend just never seems to end, what with a lively campus like ours. Department farewells, farewells from various clubs- the list is endless. It is the farewell season, folks!


A few wait to get their hands on the degree and get done with it, while many want to enjoy and make memories that last a lifetime during the last few days here. But despite the mixed emotions which run in their hearts, there exists a heart ache deep down in leaving this wonderful campus.

Remember the first day of college? Walking along with the crowd, trying not to get lost, capturing the scenic beauty of our college and trying to remember everyone’s names which seemed like the hardest thing to do. Four years later, you are heartbroken taking your last day selfies and class group photos, recollecting the days of the past; laughing and crying at those memories. It’s a scary feeling, I presume, to know that you can’t stay within the comforts of our college anymore.


         Remember the first day in the hostel? The scary gut feeling wondering if you will end up with the ‘bad’ roommate your relatives warned you about. Arranging everything you’ve got in one tiny corner of the room and eating mess food must’ve driven you crazy. Now it's time to remove all those motivational posters and crazy pictures stuck on your wall. The final late night gossip session with your roommate leaves you teary-eyed. And the dreaded nightmare of packing every memory away into cardboard boxes and suitcases on your last day is something you put off for a very long time until the very last minute.


         Remember the first time you took 21G to college? The nervous feeling if you’d reach class on time. Packing lunch and carrying one huge bag to college every day seemed like the hardest thing to do. Especially the days you had to carry lab shoes or your EG kit. Later on, the mere idea of coming to college for one hour of class became a pain in the back. How can you forget those annoying days when you came all the way to college and the class representative updated in the class group with an exasperating message “Class has been cancelled for the day”? The travel time might have given you a lot of things to ponder on or maybe just some extra time to sleep.


" or the symposiums which Techofes", the fun-filled cultural-fest "Kurukshetra        This college has given you enough memories to cherish for the rest of your life. Be it the boring local industrial visits or the fun-filled national ones, this college gave you the opportunity to lead. Be it the technical fest "is a mixture of both, this college showed you what you really love. Apart from engineering, you discovered your real passion and now you’re on your way to achieve it. This college taught the hostellers to sleep peacefully even with aeroplanes flying overhead every 10 minutes. This college taught the day scholars to sneak into their friends’ hostel whenever they want to take rest. This college has taught everyone to face life with a brave upfront after all the project reviews and interviews!


              You would have made a billion memories on this campus. Chit-chats, group study, forced treats and what more! What will you miss the most in our campus? Gurunath, where you can always spot a deer or the Aavin stall, which has monkeys waiting to take your food or KP, where the dogs come after you with their tails wagging? Share with us your favourite spot in the campus.


     The Guindy Times wishes the Grey tags a happy farewell season! So long, farewell!

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