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Things Students Hate - Deeya's Deductions #7

The topic of this article is so broad that it could practically include everything under the sun , that's exactly how many things students hate . People tend to find complaining an easier task to do than appreciating . While there are tons of things we, as students , hate , here are a few that compellingly win the case :

1. When Orange juice gets over in the canteen : You know the feeling when you get to the canteen a little bit late , and your favourite juice is over and all they have the other stuff that no one drinks.











2. Buying textbooks and not using them even once the entire semester: Especially when the teachers give perfect notes or presentations , but you didn't know that in the beginning of the semester when you spent all your money on some English man's expertise put in words. *sigh*














3. Slow walkers in front of you , on your way to class. One word- Mooooove.












4. Going all the way to class to hear that class has been cancelled: so frustrating for ACT/SAP students who are hostellers, am I right ?










5. When professors ask you questions when you've been trying to lie low in your seat, completely still ..not breathing. One policy - if you don't move , no one can see you .












6. Not finding a good parking space : yeah, we all know how we feel when a better looking car has occupied our usual parking spot.













7. When teachers ask us to do presentations or write tests  instead of assignments : urghh.











8. Those genius brainy classmates who don't have to work as hard as you to score : they start studying one hour before the test and end up with more marks than you, who started two days before.










9. when you come to class a bit late and see someone sitting in 'your' seat: what was she thinking , stealing my precious spot !                  














10. When the teacher is about to leave the class , but this one student asks ten million doubts right then : "Sir , you mentioned in class that one little sentence that made no sense at all , would you mind explaining it in detail, slowly ,( please take your time ) even though it has nothing to do with this subject ?"









This list would be highly lacking if I don't mention something we all hate - Broccoli. Why does this little tree thing have to be a healthy food !













The author is an aspiring rebel and is thoroughly confused about her ancestry.

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