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June 21 is recognised as The International Yoga Day. To celebrate the occasion, the Anna University Sports Board organised a free yoga camp in collaboration with Patanjali Yog Samiti and Bharath Swabhiman in the grounds this morning. It was open to the public.

“In a world that moves forward towards money, Yoga helps a person to stay true to his roots.”

Dr. Narasimha Rao, the regional director of IGNOU, started his guest address with the above statement. It was then followed by an hour long yoga practice session and a short cultural programme. It saw participation from NSS students camping in college with a private session being arranged for the NSO students.

Careful observations enlightened the author on the five kinds of people that attend yoga camps.








The hyper excited kid: These kids get a sugar rush whenever someone mentions ‘yoga’ and ‘diet’ in the same sentence. They are probably the only ones who chuckled to themselves when a yoga camp with mandatory participation was announced. They worship their yoga attires and mats in hostel rooms, while offering ‘free advice’ on the benefits of yoga to passerbys.








The ‘Maestro’: These people have done yoga almost all their life. They are made to sit in the first few rows so those who are in the back can follow their lead (provided that you aren't intimidated by the fluidity of their movements).










The Redemption Seeker: The people belonging in this category are those who discontinued doing yoga at some point during their life and have been feeling guilty ever since. They  find their salvation in these yoga camps. They copy their neighbour dutifully and vow that they'll get back to doing yoga, eventually.










Sleeper Cell: Kids like these come from privileged households where it's normal to wake up after 8 AM and have their beverage of choice served to them before breakfast. Their brains don't adjust to waking up at 5 in the morning, and hence they sit in the last few rows from where they can catch up on their missed sleep.










The 'I am so done with life' club: They are those who are frustrated at everything - from being asked to bring yoga mats to having to sit in the sun. They carry an aura of boredom that is accompanied by frequent eye rolls which scream, ‘The things I do for a camp certificate.’ It would be a wise decision to stay away from this lot as their judgemental glance will make your self esteem have self esteem issues.

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