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The Story Of....

I was a pushy , naughty guy when I was young;
My childhood was awesome as my pals always like to cling;

My parents always taught me to be independent and an allurist;
The next day occurred a vast twist;

We entered the market as a family
And returned with nobody around me;

They left me, they left their child;
I cried cried and the tears piled
But the tears Never came in motion
yet mounted like an ocean;

The feeling of disseverment killed me;
I was nobody, nowhere..yet alive;

There appeared an alien who picked me to its house;
The hope in me was shattered over, which the fear built its palace;

The giant alien soaked me in H2O where I was gasping for breath;
It began to peel and decided to slaughter;

I shouted, ran out of its hand;
But none extended their help;

I cried and dropped all my feelings in its leg;
I screamed squalled and finally began to beg;

It came down with tears but showed no mercy;
It blasted me for making it cry and uttered;
                "U STUPID ONION"....

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