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The Score Dilemma

You see that your results have been published. You nervously type out your register number and password. Your hands are shaking. You will it to calm down. You check your results.

What I’ve noticed is that the days (or months after) nobody is happy, even if the results are good. The 9.82 longs for a 10. The 9.41 wished he had crossed 9.50.The 8.96 wished he had crossed 9. The 7 pointer wishes he had crossed 8. A single or couple of arrear bricks may fall making one want to turn back and save wasted time.

You receive frantic messages, hastily typed with excess punctuation, “Hey!!!What’s your result??!”. God forbid you get more than the person who texted you because by the end you sometimes wish you hadn’t. I prefer the positive, well-wishing types (Don’t we all?).

Your parents are pretty darn upset because the number isn’t good enough as person X or to apply to university Y.

My point is that this number competition shouldn’t be with you and the rest of the world. It’s between you and yourself only. Each one’s number battle is like a finger print- unique and draws a different path.

Sometimes, our grades aren’t fair. Don’t drown in your frustration.Unfair is life’s a.k.a.

Next time I’ll get a 10.

Next time I’ll get a 9.50.

Next time I’ll get above 9 point.

Next time I’ll clear everything and get a good GPA.

Where am I today? Someplace better that yesterday.

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