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The most beautiful sight I have ever seen

Every fundamental occurrence of nature is exquisite in its own unique style. Spanning from the
simple, white, fluffy clouds traversing the sky to one of the baffling wonders of man- the colourful
rainbow with its VIBGYOR, nature mesmerizes us with her beauty. It has made us wonder if we can
ever beat this style of nature by the architecture and designing that we are studying. The majestic
mountains, ceaseless seas, impenetrable forests and the unending sky are all the marvel of nature.
Sometimes when we lay back, relax and look at the night sky with its majestic moon and sparkling
stars, it is the best therapy in the world.
But one of the elements of its beauty is etched in my mind. It was my educational trip to
Madikettan Sholas, which is in Kodaikanal. A part of Western Ghats, it houses exotic flora and fauna.
While trekking on these shoals, the clouds are your constant companions. But paramount beauty is
when you reach the peak. On either side, the tall trees seem to be caressing the clouds. When I
looked down from the high altitude, I saw endless ranges of green meadows which were a feast to
the eyes. The mountains seemed to be penetrating the clouds. The foggy surroundings, cold air and
breathtaking sight in front of my eyes had its effect on me. The gentle breeze through the leaves of
the trees made a hushing sound. It seemed to tell us to cease the never-ending noises within us, fold
up our woes for the moment and feel its tranquility. But there was indeed one thing bigger than even
the majestic mountains, the sombre sky with gloomy clouds racing along it. That moment could not
be captured even by the costliest camera in the world. I realized this and took in as much amount of
nature’s beauty and now, it will be etched in my mind forever. When I looked down from the peak,
even the biggest of buildings looked like a dot. It dawned on me that the problems we face are also
like them. When we change the viewpoint, they will become invisible. My heart felt light. That day I
saw eye to eye that nature is the best healer ever.
In this hustling world, we have so many problems popping up. In the pursuit of achieving material
things, we fail to experience real happiness. Looking into the night sky, figuring out the shape of
clouds, listening to the notes of koel, the incense of flowers can have the effect no therapist or
medicine can give us. We just have to sit back, relax and relish the eternal beauty of nature.

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