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The Kurukshetra open call for first years – a brief report

As the month of February approaches, the heart of every CEGian beats faster on account of the rising excitement and anxiety about one of India’s largest techno-management festivals – Kurukshetra. With the event drawing closer, an open call for first years was held on the 27th of January 2017, so as to give them a chance to be a part of the organising committee of Kurukshetra '17. This event saw active participation by the ever-curious first years who came to attend the open call in large numbers, each eager to contribute in every way they could.

Deepak Kumar, the Student Director of the HR team, warmly welcomed the students and explained what the techno-managament fest was all about, leaving them mesmerised and at the same time full of pride that they were being given an opportunity to be part of such a colossal event. He also told the students about how the entire organising committee is divided into a number of teams like Events, Workshops, Marketing, Hospitality, HR, Design, Industrial Relations, Logistics and Media, to name a few, and the role each team plays in making the event a grand success. He told the students that they could involve themselves in any team that suited their interests and talents.

The event concluded with an insight into how their participation as an organiser would benefit them in the future, and left the students in serious discussion as to which team they wanted to be part of!

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