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It is the worst day of my life. This is the only thing everyone in my age group wishes  wouldn’t happen.  Nothing was fine since this dawn. I woke late, missed the bus and the worst of the lot was this: I failed in the Math model test.  What would be a more miserable thing for a school student other than failing in a subject handled by an arrogant teacher? What could be worse than this?

Thoughts overflowed when I crossed the L section. Certain uncontrollable emotions are hatred, anger, sadness, humanity.  My face expressed all these emotions.

“Karthik” he called and stood in front of me,” Did you fail in the Math test?”

“Yes” I nodded.

“Oh dude I think you’ll be criticised by him.” he yelled.

“Yeah, I think so.” I said and didn’t wait for his reply.

If I speak one more word to him, it can make my condition worse. I know what‘ll happen in class. I don’t want to go to my class. So I slowly walked through the ground in the hot afternoon. I went out of the gate and stepped onto the pavement.

The thing that shattered me most was that he had betrayed me.  The God.  The one who I had believed in for years.  But today he had stranded me.  Tears flowed down my cheek.

I was reminded of the time when I had met him for the first time.  I think  it was a Tuesday. My kinder garten teacher told us about him. Her words still remain in my heart.

“Children, God is the one who created us and he’ll  always be with us to help us in times of  misery ”

I didn’t understand what she said that day. A few days later we went to Ooty as a family . As other members in my family were walking faster,  I strolled slowly  taking in every sight around me. I found a toy shop in the pavement. There was also a cotton candy machine. I just stood transfixed.

 I suddenly realized that my family was nowhere to be seen. I ran all around but I couldn’t find them. I think that was the second worst day in my life. I was stranded on the road.

Then the miracle happened. I met him.  First off, I didn’t realize that it was him. He suddenly touched me and asked me why was I standing alone and where I was from.

I didn’t say anything. I stood dumb.

“Tell me child, where are you from? Where is your family?” he whispered.

 “I don’t know where they are.” I said in a sad  husky voice.

“Where are you from?”

“Trichy” I said.

“Do you know your father’s phone number?”

“Yes ”, I said and told him the number.

He called my father .

Then he bought me a cotton candy. Moments later my family arrived and my mom hugged me so close that I couldn’t move. My mom and dad thanked him. He left soon after.

“Who’s he?” I asked my mom.

“God!!!” she yelled in her typical voice.

Suddenly  my teacher’s words came to my mind.

“Children, God is the one who created us and he’ll be always with us to he help us in times of misery ”

Right then, I clearly understood. It was God who had helped me in finding  my family. It was my misery and he helped me.

After that incident I got an enormous amount of hope on him and believed that he would always be with me. I had that hope this morning as well. “How many times had I asked you to get me through the exam? But you betrayed me”, I muttered to God.

Thoughts run all over my mind and I didn’t realize that I had gotten down from the pavement. I am just crossing the road like a psycho. That day comes to my mind again.

Suddenly I realized that a black colored car is hurtling towards me. Seconds later, I was flying  in the air like a bird and fell on the road .

Blood flowed all around me. I am going unconscious. A  lot of people have surrounded me. I lost all my hope that I’ll survive this day.

 My mind is fluctuating between ON and OFF states.  Moments later I can a find hand taking me.  Again it took a long while for my mind to get back from offline state.

Delightedly I looked at him as long as possible until I lost my consciousness completely.

 ‘Finally I have met God again but this time he’s with a different face’ , is my final thought.

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