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Staging on the stage

Everybody is born, but once

But a hundred different people one can be,

For on different stages to different people,

I'm someone who isn't me.


When the curtains rise, and the lights turn on,

I'm part of a show

Putting myself in someone else's shoes,

I believe I can be someone I don't even know.


My world is a 10 feet stage,

My sorrow, my fears, and broken dreams are not my own

The mask on my face isn't plastic,

But these emotions are ones I haven't known.


Maybe these feelings won't stay forever

Even though I believe it will.

Maybe my forever is till the curtain call,

But that doesn't lower the thrill.


My own life is on hold, my feelings on pause,

My worries and sorrows aside,

I'm someone else in my own body

I've caged myself inside.


Some may find it funny that I enjoy being someone who's not me,

But what they don't realize, is that even in real life everybody isn't what they see.

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