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One of the visions of the Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was to shift our agricultural pattern and farming practices to the conventional basis. And fittingly on the Independence Day, College of Engineering Guindy sowed the seeds of green farming – a fitting tribute to the great leader at such a juncture.

The event started sharp as scheduled at 10:00 AM at the Centre for Water Resources (CWR) Field Laboratory upon the arrival of Dr.Rajaraman, Vice Chancellor – Anna University, Dr.Ganesan, Registrar, and Dr. P. Narayanaswamy, Dean – CEG. After the Pooja was performed and a student volunteer of the Organic Farming Group (OFG) had explained the medicinal and environmental value of the various types of green leaves (Agathikeerai, Araikeerai and Murungaikeerai) that are to be planted in the one acre land allotted for the group, Vice Chancellor Dr.Rajaraman officially flagged off the project by sprinkling the seeds in the prepared land. Other officials followed suit, exuding great enthusiasm in being a part of this revolutionary initiative.

Dr.Ravikumar, Staff Director – Centre for Entrepreneurship Development and Dr. E. Natarajan, Staff Advisor – Green Brigade Club of CEG and some other faculty members likeDr.Karunamoorthy from the Department of Mechanical Engineering were also present and applauded the students for such a tremendous effort. They were also cautious to note that while the kickstart has been provided, it is important to keep the progress on track.

The Registrar Dr.Ganesan was particularly keen in this movement and his awareness about the traditional cultivation methods was evident from the fact that he was able to answer certain questions raised by the student volunteer who explained the procedures adopted in the field. It goes without saying that Mr. Moorthy K, a final year Manufacturing Engineering student and also the President of OFG has been the man behind the scenes, working towards the ultimate goal.

It was particularly heart-warming to see all student members of the OFG in traditional dhotis and saris. With the TamilianVanakkam and Nandri complimenting the PattuVeshti, it was just that event that not only focused towards a greener environment but also resonated the values of our culture and tradition.

Says Mr. Arun, an alumnus of the Department of Civil Engineering (2003 – 07), CEG,

“When I noticed the invitation in Facebook pages and groups, I couldn’t brush this aside as some random event happening at CEG. But frankly admitting, I didn’t expect the students of today would be so curious about venturing into such an out of the blue initiative. The beginning is good, which means half the work is done, but this also implies that there is still half the work to be done. All Is Well That Ends Well!”

With Paanagam (a kind of jiggery juice) being served for all the attendees, the function ended with high hopes about a greener future and reminiscence of the unique culture that we’ve got.

The Guindy Times wishes the Organic Farming Group success in all its projects.

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