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No, we aren't talking about the friends in your life, we are talking about something much better (no offence). It's none other than "F.R.I.E.N.D.S” one of the finest television comedy shows ever. This sitcom comprises of six comical characters. Trust us when we say this, they very much resembleus. Also, you don't need to have a sense of humour to find the show funny, it's just human nature.


1. Relatable characters:

For the love of food, quick wit, following your dreams, being independent, being extremely obsessive and being comfortable in your own skin, this show ranks #1.

You know that feeling you get when you can relate to someone or a situation so much that it's unbelievable? Well, this experience is going to be full of such reactions. In many instances, you will feel as though they have ripped out pages from your diary and are acting it out.




















2. One-liners:

These amazing phrases will consume your life because you can use them in many contexts and it'll always add pepper and salt to your conversations, always giving you a reason to giggle. Once you watch the show, you'll warm up to "OH MY GOD", "HOW YA' DOING?", "WE WERE ON A BREAK", "UNAGI", and "THEY DON'T KNOW THAT WE KNOW THEY KNOW WE KNOW". The number of references you can make are countless.












3. Animals:

Yes, yes, this beautiful blessing of a sitcom has given animals a chance to steal the spotlight. How they bring "pets" into their lives is funny but also very cute. All pet owners will relate to these on every level. The manner in which these animals are treated and cherished will make your heart melt. It's all about how they were personified. CHICK AND DUCK ALL THE WAY.























4. ROFL:

No matter how many times you watch this show, you'll laugh as hard as you did the first time you saw it. Usually, people can't stand watching the same thing again, but, the same people have no problem watching this show over and over. Somehow, they manage to retain the merriness and humor. You will treasure this show like it’s your life. You will definitely get immensely attached, well, because they’re F.R.I.E.N.D.S.






































5. Stress buster:

As engineering students, this is something we are in desperate need of. Just watching them strut around on that set will bring your BP back to a perfect 120/80. It is scientifically proven as well.

Stressed or not, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is the perfect way to kick back for some chill. Frankly, you don’t need a reason to watch it. You just watch it. This is some quality Dr Phil’s advice for free. You’ve been blessed with a 23GB bundle of happiness.












6. Lessons:

The show instills in the viewers a couple of valuable life lessons. Though Phoebe didn't have a normal childhood, she had her own principles and never gave up on herself.  Rachel was daddy's little girl who worked hard and made it into the fashion industry all by herself. Even though life throws boulders at you, you must remain strong and focused to reach your destination. In different scenarios in the show, various hardships of life are portrayed and how they get through all of it is what makes it all the more stirring. It's okay not to follow social norms to an extent. If you're doing something genuinely good for yourself or others, opinions of the rest shouldn't bother you.
























7. Relationships:

They teach us not to fret when you're going through a rough patch with anyone. All the relationships in your life will teach you something invaluable. Time takes its own span to fix what is meant to be. Life goes on and you will advance in the course that is set out for you. They let you know that there is always a shoulder to cry on, there’s always someone to run to when you feel the low. They show how important relationships are and why we shouldn't let them sink. Blood doesn’t make family, love does.




























In the end, this show teaches us that even if you geek out about dinosaurs, or are a clean freak, or a guy who cracks jokes when uncomfortable, or a spoilt little daddy's girl, or a funny borderline crazy weirdo, or an intense food fanatic...F.R.I.E.N.D.S will be there for you.














Here are some of our favorite scenes from F.R.I.E.N.D.S:








































































































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