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Running the marathon called 'Placements'

Placements placements everywhere.... almost 2 and half months have passed since the commencement of placements, so what exactly determines one’s fate here? How do people get placed..? Is it because of CGPA? Luck? Hard work? The actuality is all three. Yes, all the 3 mentioned must concur to help you achieve your dream and goal.

CGPA is an important criteria which serves as a gate pass at the entry level. It does matter, but  any CGPA above 8.0 is quite safe. One can get a good number of placement opportunities for this CGPA. The core companies come for hiring initially, and it is rather obvious that they hire a meagre number. People feel elated when they get placed in such companies. It might seem a cake walk for many in the computer science and IT departments but not so much for the other departments. People especially in ECE and EEE are lured by the opportunities given to them by the software companies but eventually they are questioned more on programming, database and other computer science related subjects which only a handful are well versed in. This emphasises the fact that apart from having a good CGPA and clearing the first round of the interview process it is also highly essential that we have a good knowledge of computer science related subjects, at least basics in programming and database (applicable for all the non CS students).

Clearing the first round of any interview process is not easy. One needs to have a good knowledge in aptitude and logical questions apart from technical knowledge. As we all know working hard is the key for success but hard work goes hand in hand with luck to aid one clear the initial level.

Any number of arrears up to the 5th semester may not be a big deal as long as one clears them all before the 6th semester, before facing  placements. Having any current arrear can make one’s state highly uncertain. A very few companies encourage people having current arrears, and a maximum of two is what is considered acceptable by few.

Students who are really passionate about engineering must be patient enough to wait for the right opportunity to get placed in their core companies though it might take quite a long time. Instead a few of us lose hope and decide to take up any job that comes our way. This being on one side, some people are dissatisfied upon getting placed in the bulk companies, but it is not a bad place after all. People who can prove their ability and their skills will be appreciated and encouraged wherever they land. It is also really amazing to see some who don’t sit for placements as they are sure to pursue their PG and grant that chance to the others who are really in need of it.

Placements are absolutely an important phase in one’s life, especially for a student from such a prestigious university like ours. This is more so, because of the pressure that sets in because our neighbours seem to be more worried about our future than us or our family .  

Campus placements are a crucial part of one’s life but this is not the end. There are a lot more opportunities available for us even outside which we must discover. Some of us regret getting placed in a company, a humble request to those: If you know that you are not going to be satisfied with what you are likely to get, please do not take the risk of attending it, keep in mind you are spoiling one of your friend’s opportunity. Finally getting an offer in our hands before leaving the college is not a simple thing at all, so let’s be proud of that when we achieve it. Congratulations to all those who are placed and for those who are not,  things will turn up right sooner than later :)

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