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Royal Flush

A note from the player to the one that changed the game, forever.

"Seeking the forbidden is a pleasure that can't be explained. The aura of mystery. The towering curiosity. Addictive charm. The thrill of chase. And of course the multi fold high of success. And love is no different.

I've seen them all. The hopeless romantics to the arm candy seekers. The starry eyed high school lover to the lover who challenges the secrecy of the espionage. The emotionally unavailable, the penny antes, the rebound seeker, the career oriented, the indecisive, the heartbroken, the grown up mature lovers to pseudo soul mates who crave the attention and adore leading on. I have had my way through them all.

My charm and words have been chiselled with great care over the years, efficacious in making my point stand. Dwelling in the monotony of predictability, I was always ahead. I've also made the best players fold. The game's always been mine. And I, was the best player it could get.

But you were different. You were like the high stake jackpot that could seal my deal or never let me have the guts to touch the chips again. Laydown, has never been my choice.

You were the first game where I wasn't the one calling the shots. For the first time, it felt like I wasn't playing on my tables.
And that, ain't right.

You weren't the complicated lover, for whom choosing the right strategy added with my seasoned abilities and charm would've sufficed. You couldn't be contained in the prodigal realms of my mastery. You were beyond that. Above the chase and the league. You were the bewitching meld of mind numbing intelligence and charisma, absolutely blurring my cognitive ability. One, a mere player shall not be able to influence. My past successes stay silent for they couldn't help me master you.

The way you never let yourself or your identity get lost in this maddening world. How you seldom let crisis get the better of you. Your silent ways of saying a lot, and not saying them too. Your independence. That mature and tough demeanour protecting the child like heart. Your vulnerability. Your strength. The way you look at life and what you seek from it.

Sigh. You were never like anyone I've met before. And certainly not like anyone I'm hopeful of meeting in the future either. An addictive brand of exclusive cologne that I can't seem to forget.

You made me realise that there's more to love than just the game. And for the first time, the player's focus is not on winning but on the game itself. The player chooses to lose to the lover.

After all Royal Flushes are hard to come by!"


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