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Startup Weekends are aimed to bring Startups to the limelight by helping them make Minimum Viable Products (MVP).

Creating prototypes is fundamental to developing new products. At Startup Weekend,any group with a novel idea is provided a platform to showcase them and receive feedback from experts in the field. The mentors for the participants are professionals who can efficiently help you make a zero level idea into an actual MVP.

Budding entrepreneurs are encouraged to follow their passion and make customer-friendly products. Many participants who usually attend such events lack the skills necessary to develop prototypes.

This cause motivated the SW team of ‘Enantra’ (CEG’s Management fest) to organize the Pre-SW event ahead of the main event.  Titled “How to make prototypes”, this event was held on the 7th of January at 4.30 pm, in Paari Arangam.

Mr. SenthilNayagam (CTO of FixNix, Inc., Founder & CEO of AnyCommerce Chennai Private Limited and Director of Sedin Technologies – RailsFactory ) ably guided participants to learn and grasp the idea of Prototyping. With more than sixty active participants, it was a grand success.

Participants from various colleges and disciplines had attended the event. They were informed on how to prepare for the main event, where a small idea must be expanded to a larger scale in just 54 hours by using coding, inventing and being enterprising.

‘Startup Weekend- CEG Edition’will be held at Ada Lovalace Hall, Dept. of Information Science and Technology, Anna University from 20th January to 22nd of January, 2017.The organising team welcomes more enthusiasts to register for this exciting event where great opportunities are in store for the winners.

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