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I awake from clouds of confusion

Responsibilities and regrets profuse

My mind’s stuffed with tension

That could light up my short fuse.

The endless need to keep moving on

And catch the express train

As if I were some kind of pawn

Whose life’s purpose is in vain?

What do they all expect of me?

I wonder, as time swiftly goes,

Of all those great men that they see

Will I ever be one of those?

My knees give in

My arms drop down

The torn soul within

Cannot further be sewn

The many days of tiredness

The nights that turned to dawn

A mind filled with restlessness

Dissatisfied, withdrawn.

And then It struck me

Out of the blue

Why can’t I try to

Enjoy everything I do?

For happiness is found

From the very mundane

A new perspective was found

And I became sane.                                   

There isn’t a train to catch

Nor people to emulate

Just worries that I must detach

I have an identity to create.

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