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Life is a festival only to the Wise

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

To celebrate the Thamizhar Thirunaal – Pongal, and honour the wise, Rotaract Club of CEG (RCEG), conducted a two-day event with a string of engaging games called PATTANATHIL PATTIKAADU from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm on 9th and 10th January 2017.

The event consisted of the various games catering to the students’ interest. A total of 6 games were conducted and they were separated into 3 per day.

DAY 1: On 9th January, 2017, the games were conducted in the college ground and gallery.

CHESS: The two player strategy board game, being a battle of wits, was played with immense concentration.

CARROM: The strike and pocket table game witnessed large amount of takers and the best ones emerged victorious.

BOWL OUT: A Bowl out is used in various forms of cricket matches with limited overs to decide the match winner when a tie occurs. Here, the game itself was a bowl out. This symbolized the flavour of village life.


DAY 2: On 10th January 2017, the event was held in the Quadrangle.

RANGOLI: This was the first event of the day. Rangolis are a way of expressing imagination in Tamil Nadu. A number of creative and attractive designs were drawn. This made the judging quite tough.

MEHENDHI: This competition was predominantly celebrated to showcase the enthusiasm and festivity. Hands of many were beautified by the mehendi designs.

PHOTO HUNT: Photo Hunt was the highlight amidst all the events conducted by RCEG in Pattanathil Pattikaadu. The students were asked to take selfies with their clues and the first one to find all the clues was claimed the winner. The clues were tough and participants had to run around the campus to emerge victorious.


The event witnessed active participation from the Orange and Brown Tags, with exceptionally good comments from the participants, especially the first years. Symbolizing a Tamil Festival successfully is a commendable initiation. On this note, The Guindy Times appreciates the efforts made by RCEG.

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