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One Last Listicle : Deeya's Deductions #8

All of us experience several 'firsts' in our lives that stay etched in our memories forever - be it our first day at college, our first love, the first arrear or the first class I.V.
However, life goes by so fast that there isn't enough time to remember and appreciate our last few experiences.
So here's a listicle that some of us can relate to at the moment- a list of some of the significant 'lasts' we experience as our college life comes to an end.

1. One last department symposium (especially eating at the food stalls and sneaking other department friends in)
2. One last hangout at Gurunath
3. One last group photograph
4. One last birthday celebration in college or hostel
5.One last time 'indefinitely' borrowing your hostel mate's Maggi bowl (with the most sincere promise of returning it within the hour)
6. One last Guindy Times valediction and farewell
7. One last time wearing your best friend's outfit and looking absolutely ravishing (better than him/her: P) in it.
8. One last "Call me immediately, I need you now!"
9. One last hug your best friend gives you.
10. One last ‘goodbye’


Note to those who are still studying at Anna University:

Please appreciate the moments that you share with your friends and classmates. The simplest of memories may be evoked as nostalgia down the lane. Cherish every living moment in college.

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