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NSS-CEG Unit 10's Blood Donation Camp

NSS Unit 10 of CEG held a blood donation camp on Tuesday, the 19th, at the Alumni Centre in association with Chennai Trekking Club. It went on for 6 hours with a steady flow of donors throughout. Candidates aged between 19-25 and weighing above 45 kilos were considered ideal donors. Donors were screened for diseases like HIV, STDs etc. Following donations, they were provided with biscuits and juice. The donation camp activities were held by a group of 18 volunteers from Rajiv Gandhi Hospital and Blood Bank led by Dr. Umesh. 

Candidates, who were still fearful about donating blood were counselled. The samples were carefully sealed and transported away while the volunteers and hospital staff helped with the clean-up of the area. 122 Units of Blood were collected which could save around 366 lives. The volunteers of NSS unit 10 didn’t disappoint as they stayed true to their motto, “not me, but you” while creating awareness about the necessity of blood donation in this day and age of accidents and diseases.


Photography: Smrithika Sasidhar

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