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Not Just A Canteen ... Adhukum Mela

Four years almost coming to an end and I see all the places around me - the iconic red building, gurunath stores, the ground, the computer science department, places that I will never forget in all my years to come. If I were to talk about the memories connected to all these places it could go on forever, so I decided to take upon one such place that will forever be etched in my memory- the CEG canteen.

During my first days in college, when the classes were held in the main building I used to wait for the break just to rush to the canteen. It was a delight to first years that the start of college always coincided with the mango season and nothing can be as refreshing as that cold glass of fresh mango juice. I was amazed that it cost me just Rs.11 for something that good. A month later it was the custard apple season and then sapotta season and so on. Then came the second semester and we moved from the main building, meaning moving away from the canteen. Now being my final semester I made it a point to enjoy the canteen to the fullest and discover new tips and combinations so that my juniors don’t miss out on something that is as amazing as our canteen.

A laboratory to a scientist is what our canteen is to a foodie, all you have to do is open your eyes and be willing to experiment. It did take me time to work out these combinations so I am sure it is guaranteed to leave you satisfied.

1. A very simple one but still not known to all. The juice counter has a list of items divided into two columns. The left one is very interesting. The fruit mix which is a canteen favorite can be mixed with any of the other milk based items on the list (vanilla, badam, butterscotch, strawberry). This is definitely one of my favorite mixes and it’s like having ice cream and fruit salad in a cup.               








Cost: Rs.11

2. The bread omelet by itself is good but what if we can take it up a notch. The cutlet is a new item in the canteen and sells like hot cakes. Take a cutlet, put it between your bread omelet and press it well and there you have your ‘Up-a-notch’ sandwich. You can also try dipping the sandwich in the peas gravy they serve with chapatti for that extra kick.








Cost:  Rs.16

3. Are you tired of having chapatti with the same gravy all the time? Want to try something different? Buy everyone’s favorite gulab jamun ,place it in the center and instead of rolling it fold it like a packet. There you have the ‘jamun dumpling’         







Cost: Rs.18

4. Have you ever wondered why do they sell mixture in the canteen? So did I, and this led to my next tip. Sprinkle the mixture inside you masala dosa and experience that wonderful crunch in every bite you take.                                                                                                                                          

Cost: Rs.16

5. Who doesn’t love the soft and amazing gulab jamun in our canteen? Then there is the softy with a different flavor every day. Now take your softy, eat of the top, scoop out some space and gently place the jamun there. If you notice it fits perfectly. Now you have gulab jamun and ice cream in a cone!








Cost: Rs.23

6. Many students don’t know that our canteen serves idiappam. Now buy one plate of idappam and get a glass of strawberry milk shake. Tear apart the idiappam with your bare hands and put into your glass of milk shake. I am sure you won’t stop at just one. Don’t be afraid to experiment with other flavors as well.                                 

Cost: Rs.21​

Photos taken by Shashank Neralla

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