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No place like CEG

When I was in the 12th grade, I badly wanted to get into Anna University because 4 of my big brothers were studying there at the time. The Lord Jesus granted me my heart’s desire and before I knew it I was in the first ever batch of Materials Science & Engineering. My four years in CEG were the shortest years of my life thus far and they were extremely exciting to say the least.

We were blessed with excellent staff who helped guide us through all the different subjects. But time would fail me to tell of all the events that made up my time in CEG. How can I just simply talk about the many lectures on a rainy day, cleaning samples at the workshop, time beneath the tree outside the Mech department, the many IVs, symposiums, guest lectures, chatting outside the canteen, playing in the ground and I could just go on.

My time at CEG was well-rounded. I was surrounded by good people, the finest professors and the most beautiful campus ever! And all of that contributed to me attaining a Master’s degree in Management from the University of Bristol, UK and has led to me working for a distinguished publishing firm in Chennai. So, fellow CEGian who is reading this right now, I hope you are having a fabulous time at college because trust me, you will miss it!

Are you stressing about the next assessment? Arrears? Getting a job? The future? Quit worrying right NOW!

Work hard, play hard, pray hard. Do your part and everything will fall in place. My four years of engineering at Anna University were educative in every sense of the word. I have acquired an immense amount of knowledge about life (and materials and the science behind it of course!) and CEG has shaped me in more ways than one, into the person that I am now. There is no place like CEG!

Jemy Sindhu

(Passed out from CEG in 2010, Materials Science) 

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