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Nineties Kid Would Agree On This


                         Our World is coming to an end. I know you guys aren’t going to agree with me on this. But this is the hard core truth. I’m not talking about the physical world, but the world we used to live in where kids used to stare at the night skies and played with each other rather than staring at their phones and playing Fruit Ninja or Candy Crush.

 I really miss those old days when the internet still didn’t conquer the world and our life! Well, I do agree with the fact that Google is the most reliable “encyclopedia” for our information-craving selves and we remain in touch with everyone through Facebook. I do confess that I feel disconnected with the world without FB or Whatsapp, but some of our internet habits are going way over our heads that should come to a halt right away.

I remember the time  when people used  to crib over the phone to their moms or their best pals when they ever had a tragic breakup or just a bad day. But now, people just pour their hearts all over the internet. They scribble their FB walls with random melancholic excerpts or sappy sayings from movies which instantly turns my computer screen to a drama stage for that moment!

And I find people updating their statuses with stuffs like “Listening to ‘Ek Dho Theen’ “ or watching Bang Bang at some random theatre with their comrades. Are they trying to make us jealous by bragging about how lucky they are to watch the movie sooner than us?  Or do they find the movie too boring to concentrate on its plot that they come back to their phones? Well, I’d rather just relish the moments with my pals and forget that I even had a phone.

The popularity of the “Selfie Pulla” song has reflected how crazy we’ve all become about selfies. Photos were once taken for memories, but today, wherever I turn around, I find people flocking towards the small camera lenses, sometimes craning their necks so hard to make their faces fit into the screen because we need no excuses for a click but a good lighting and a really cool background. And uploading those pictures would happen in a speed faster than light!

Everyone these days seems to be endorsing narcissism by spending all night editing their  pictures and getting a hundred likes from it. I just realized it would be a better idea to build our social profile than our social-networking profile.

And my mom’s complaint is that I always am stuck with my i-pod and headphones. We’ve all become addicts to our headphones that we refuse to listen to our favorite tunes without their help. Though those saviors have enhanced our music experience exponentially, we seldom realize that we’ve become extremely oblivious to our surroundings.

I’m sure Benjamin Franklin would be cursing himself way up in heaven for discovering electricity. Like I told you, the Zombie Apocalypse has started!

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