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My box of chocolates

CEG is my synonym for a box of chocolates! Have you ever tried to raise up your collar to flaunt that you are a proud CEGian, but ended up getting a big unexpected bummer? Well, almost everybody has had this experience at least once! Ever had the experience of your non-CEG friend muting your status updates just because they get irritated seeing you share posters of events one after the other? What's not to be jealous about the procession of enticing events every now and then? We  get to see a celebrities galore! Added to this, most of the celebrities have had at least one memory in this campus, as a student. The very first thing that flashes in mind, when one thinks of CEG, is its enormous campus extending up to 189 acres! Students from other colleges say that they expect CEG to provide them with a cycle rental system. Many of them sarcastically comment that the breeze of CEG always has a 'padips' feel, although, ironically, none of us at CEG have that feel! Clicking pictures in front of the mighty red building gives students a 'gethu' feeling. The best part of the campus is the economic canteen which tempts people to eat a lot. And what with all the monkeys near KP! When you see a monkey approaching you for a snack, you ought to voluntarily give it up or else it will definitely snatch it away from you, just like your best friend would! And that moment when you fall into a memory spiral of routes and misguide freshers (as seen during treasure hunts).  Outsiders envy the resources available here like Wi-Fi, Anna library etc. The presence of at least one cafe at the corner of every street is something to love about! Whenever I ask people to describe CEG in one word, their reply is almost always, 'sorgham' meaning heaven on Earth. This is in context with the amount of freedom you are given and the fact that nobody forces you to do anything. In general, the misconception about CEG happens to be 'pass aana place agidalam' meaning placements await all those who just pass the exams. Then again, only we know the truth!

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