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Dear Dad, 

We know how much we adore each other, through subtle gestures and warm hugs. 
At this juncture in life, I want to tell you how much I cherish you and the man that you are, beyond the realms of fatherhood.

Beyond being the only person I always look up to, to protect me from the demons in my head and my life.
Beyond being the only person who would have his heart broken on seeing me cry, but instead hide it to be my strength.
Beyond being the only person I can lay my blind trust on and smile like a 5 year old on a merry-go-round, knowing you're there by my side.

Only now do I come to realize the magnificence of your ideas and work. 
To build your business, so reputed and so credible, solely trusting yourself.
Braving all the struggles and pressures with a smile.
Making intelligence your only weapon while you fight through with a class that stands out.

The charm you cast over people, winning them with your magnanimity and kindness, while also knowing when to pull the strings tight. The way you pay no heed to your needs and luxuries while brainstorming 24/7 on thinking big. How you have always appreciated great work and never discussed people.

I love your command at the podium. You truly steal the show. I love your power dressing. The little things that you do to show people you care.
The efforts you take to ensure you do everything within your limits to make others happy. The manner with which you put people above everything else. 

I love your hunger to succeed. I love how you handle success but love how you handle failure even more, smiling with re-assurance. I admire the way you take control of meetings with your conceptual finesse. Also, I love the bags and shoes you pick out for me. 
They make the headlines anywhere I take them! 

Dad, I've never had the opportunity to tell you how admirable a man you are. You've made your daughter very proud, indeed.

They say that a father is born along with a child. Technically, you're just as old as I am, as a father. Trust me when I tell you, you're nothing less than perfect. 

I love you dad.
I love you more than I've ever tried to express.

Thank you for giving me something so beautiful to cherish! 

Happy Father's Day!

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