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Longing of the Bastet cat

My soul became hollow with emptiness,

Failing to utter a word

To prove my chastity amongst wooers;

Every breath of mine weighed tons,

Pulling me apart more than gravity could.

Every teardrop revealed the unspoken chapters of pain,

For my heart being lost to a man of wit,

His memories made me fragile every moment

As the days passed by counting the trickling sand,

Decades seemed to be a millennium,

Cherishing the ring of his reign as a legacy,

I yearned for the return of the mighty Odysseus,

Never did I wish to let him go

Yet Ithacan responsibilities forbade me;

He bled in the battle for Ithaca,

Whilst I bled inside for him

At last, the mighty Odysseus is back with the victorious Oliver crown,

For my never - withering autumn love,

My eyes couldn't resist seeing him anymore

Our eyes spoke the unsaid stories of two decades,

Nothing comforted me than the warmth of his wrap,

And his call “Penelope - My bastet cat“ made me alive again.

Only then, did I realize 'bastet cat' magnetized me more than his 'cunning wit'.

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