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Little big confusions









“I’m confused!”- isn’t that a familiar phrase that you repeat often? Well, every teenager suffers from confusions big or small, starting from what to wear to college to selecting which is the best career option. With a wide range of choices surrounding us, we tend to get caught amidst them while deciding.

The most confusing issue in my life at present is what to do after my B.E. My best pal, being highly ambitious, is going to pursue her higher studies. My brother suggested that I do the same. My dad left it to my desire. The other option is taking up a well-paid job after tackling the campus placement interviews. I’m not sure of what I want to do, as I am neither a geek to clear the G.R.E. with a high score nor am I an extremely passionate coder who loves sitting in front of the computer for 12 hours a day and ends up getting a 6 figure salary.

The next big confusing issue is something common faced by many.

Whether it is friendship or something more than that between two people. Well, 90% of us have that “special person” in our lives, not knowing what feelings we hold for them deep down. We may brand it as friendship to the outside world but, only we know that it is more than just a friendship. We have this exciting vibe when he/she is around us and feel the jittering butterflies in our stomach, every time he/she sits next to us or when we receive a message from them. We feel extremely possessive about the “special person” and even become green with envy whenever some other person of our gender talks a lot with him/her. On the other hand, during holidays, while we return back to our hometown and hangout with our buddies and family there, we sometimes, tend to think very least about him/her. Unlike movies, we don’t miss and anticipate meeting him/her. That is the epic time when you realize that you can actually live without that person, contrary to your ideology during the college days that “he/she is my soul mate and I cannot exist in this world without spending my life’s every second with him/her” and thus, the confusion rises to its maximum height.

The smaller questions in our day-to-day college life unlike the previous ones is a very hilarious list. “Should I bunk the 5thhour and go to the movies? Should I wear my unwashed jeans or the new one that I bought last week? Is he/she single or committed? iPhone or Android? Should I eat Jalebi or Samosa in the canteen during the break? Is it sambhar or rasam that we had in our mess today? 1st hour class or an extra hour of sleep? NSO/NSS meet or going home and watching TV?” and many more!

Some of us tend to make decisions quickly applying our instincts rather than logic. But, I feel, it is better to give some time to make the bigger decisions, the decisions that could influence our lives in many ways. On a smaller scale, our daily issues can never be sorted and though it may sound crazy, it is better to stay confused rather than sticking on to a firm resolution, which is quite impossible for most of us.  

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