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Lies Students Say (to Parents)

Deeya's Deductions #6

Many of us believe that there is no reason or need to lie to our parents, but even as we think that, sometimes we do say things more for the benefit of our parents’ peace of mind (and also keeping in mind that we don’t want to be shouted at…) Here are some of the white lies we say for the greater good:

What I say: I sleep early every night.  

What I mean : Up all night texting my friends!








What I say: I needed the money for some new textbooks

What I mean : I needed the money to buy some really good burgers!






What I say: I ate a big whole breakfast!

What I mean : definitely not , woke up at 8.00, have class at 8.30 , no time for breakfast.






What I say: I have already started studying for my tests

What I mean : Won't start till the 11th hour.






What I say: Of course I have a plan for the future

What I mean : yeah, in another half an hour , I’m going to watch puppy videos on YouTube.












What I say: I was in the college library the whole day.

What I mean : Naaaaaaah.







What I say: No…results aren’t out yet!

What I mean : They won’t be for another 4 months… hopefully you don’t find out!







What I say: I’m just going to *insert best friend’s name here *’s house for 10 minutes , need to ask some doubts.

What I mean : won’t arrive home till 11 pm.









What I say: I need more money… it’s for petrol!

What I mean : or rather parties !







What I say: I don’t know how this happened , I cleaned my room just yesterday

What I mean : more like yesteryear.






What I say: No, I’m feeling fine now…

What I mean : Need you now!







What I say: I never lie to you Maa..

What I mean : Almost always !










The author is an aspiring rebel and is thoroughly confused about her ancestry.

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