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Left - Handed But Right!

Only about 10% of the people in the world are left-handers and it is clear that they are a serious minority. Though lefties have always endured a copious amount of prejudice (especially in India), lefties these days are indeed proud of their unusual handedness. And why shouldn’t they be? Most of the lefties are said to be more intelligent and creative than right – handers. And another reason to be proud is you become an instant attention among folks when they learn about your habit. Come on, who doesn’t want to be an attention-seizer without any effort.  But in India, we lefties are always in a dilemma of whether to be proud or not about it!

From my childhood, my parents never forced me to use my left or right hand for anything. I was left to my own will. They never cared about the auspiciousness of the right hand and the inauspiciousness of the left hand. So, yes , I ate and wrote with my left hand and I still do. Big deal, who issued a rule book to each and every one of us while we were born? Nobody, right? So what is the big fuss all about?

I remember when I came to college as a fresher, I was threatened that I’d be kicked out of the hostel if I don’t change my eating habits! I was intimidated at the beginning and tried to change myself, but all in vain! The next time I was asked about it,  I audaciously said that my parents never forced me into this particular habit and so I’m going to continue to be the way I am.  Following initial shock, attempts to "change" me were given up. But still, I find eyes glaring at me when I eat with my left hand. I no longer care!

Most of the people usually start a conversation with me by asking the most stupid question “Are you a leftie?” I mean, isn’t it obvious or did they lose eye sight? I would give them a humble smile if I am writing something and an apologetic one for obvious reasons, when they catch me gobbling something up.

The another dumb question I have to endure is “How do you manage to use your left hand? Don’t you find it difficult?” I’ll stand there for a moment not knowing what to answer. I’ll reply with a hint of sarcasm that it’s just like how you guys use your right hand. They’ll give a sheepish grin and go. But in my head, I’ve  told them that I actually got trained for ten years to use my left hand and it was indeed difficult to “become” a left-hander.

I remember once I flunked my Maths test at school  and my teacher told me that lefties are usually intelligent and good at Maths, but he felt I was an exception after all. Ouch, that was one big blow for me. Just one test and people start to judge me based on my habit!

Another day, some friend of mine randomly told me that left-handers usually die faster than normal people! And I’m still in pursuit of the source from where these people actually find these crazy facts. I didn’t reply to that person, but I looked at him confused. I wasn't sure  whether that was good news for him or not!

The list of the weird encounters I have faced is endless and so I stop here. But I’m sure all the lefties out there would go with whatever I’ve written, with a smile on their faces.  All I can say is, no matter which hand you use for what, you are cool in your own way. So people, quit being shallow and give us a break!

DISCLAIMER: This article was written just for fun and was not meant to hurt the religious sentiments of anyone. So I hope you read it with the right mind.

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