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Lack of Manchow flavored cup noodles sparks outrage among students

The newest brand of cup noodles to hit the shelves of The Coffee Shop and Gurunath Stores is Nissin Cup Noodles. With an array of flavors including Masala, Italian, Manchow and Chicken, students are in love with this brand of noodles, particularly Manchow. “I think we’re very bored of the cup noodles we normally get.” explains a 3rd year EEE student. “We come all the way from the main building just to eat Manchow, but it’s almost never available!” exclaims a first year student angrily. On interviewing the man behind the counter who wishes to remain anonymous, we came to know that only a limited number of this brand of noodles is ordered as it is new, despite the fact that it gets sold out immediately. When asked if they were planning to increase the number ordered, the man refused to answer any further questions. It is therefore unclear, if they will now begin to order more number of Manchow noodles in response to its popularity or if there is a wider conspiracy underway, preventing the students from getting the noodles they desire. Students however are determined to have their demands met and are willing to go to any lengths to ensure that Manchow noodles are always available. We will be following this story closely as it develops.  


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