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It Speaks

Every building and every location in this campus has a reason or a purpose of sort. All them fancy departments, the gallery to hang around and hide that piece of cake from the rest of your classmates, the ATM to scrape the rock bottom of your empty account, the recharge shop for all the poor foot soldiers who top up for their girlfriends. You get my drift right? They all have a reason for existence. Except for me.  And who am I?

The Globe. That meaningless crack of space between the places you actually want to go. It’s too small for those who like to reenact Surya Jyothika (think Uyirin Uyire….you know, the whole run, turn and smile routine), too big to be considered a cozy space to talk about anything that matters, say life, career, break up, make up etc. The place is too public for a midafternoon rendezvous with your darling, lest you make eye contact with that prof who’s on his way to the canteen, and who also incidentally hates you.

They obviously never gave much thought. The horror of not being a quadrilateral or a spherical shape is something you shall never understand. It’s like being that nerdy kid with braces, with the stutter and the paper bag over his head. Next? Construct a small pond like water body which can stagnate and serve as a readymade garbage bin for everyone! You don’t feel like finishing that bit of your lunch? Please! Throw it right at me! Finished another bag of chips and too lazy to walk towards a dustbin? No problem, just discretely drop it in my storm drain! It’s always overflowing with your generosity.

Set a globe on top of everything, (hence the name in case you never noticed) and have it go all circus and lights at night. (Purple is my color...really brings out my personality and all).

So, what is the point of the globe? What is my purpose? Why am I even here? Excuse my suicidal thoughts, but I’d like to get an answer for this soon. 


Analog by birth, digital by design, the author spends a lot of time at the canteen and writes when she has absolutely nothing else to do.

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