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Imprint'18 - A report

Imprint, the symposium of Printing Technology department was declared open on 1st March, 2018 at TAG Auditorium. The ceremony was inaugurated by chief guests, Mr. Senguttuvan, CEO of ITC, Printing and Packaging Business and Mr. R. P. Lakshmivenkataraman, Associate Vice President of The Hindu. The event was immensely supported by Dr. B. Kumar, HOD of the Printing Technology Department and was spearheaded by Mr. K. Vipinendran, Associate Professor and President of Society of Printing Engineers (SPE) along with Mr. Vijayandran Chandrasekar, General Secretary of SPE, Mr. Karthik P, Joint Secretary and Mr. Shashank Neralla, Head of Sponsorship and Operations, SPE. The symposium was attended by students of the university as well as those from other colleges.

Mr. Senguttuvan conducted an interactive session with the students and attendees, affirming the importance of printing and packaging of products. Mr. Lakshmivenkataraman, who is an expert in the field of colour management and theory, gave an interesting speech on the environmental impact of the industry and on the alignment of articles and text in newspapers.


The department also emphasized on its choice of inauguration date, as it coincided with the printing of the first TIME Magazine in 1923. Another noteworthy point was that their invitations came with seeds that could be planted.

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